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October. 03. 2011. 04:28 pm 3 notes

hey everyone

just fyi, haven’t been on in quite a while, kinda busy with building the new shop, night crew, looking for which jeep to buy and trying to find an ambulance job. i hate to say i will not be back on for quite a long while so i’m going to be deleting this tumblr and will start up again when(and if) i have the time. sorry and happy tumbling folks.

September. 06. 2011. 11:16 am


ok, so i work at a grocery store at night and during the day my friend and i fix cars and motorcycles(me=motorcycles, him=cars) out of his grandmothers garage. we’ve been doing this for awhile now and we bust our tails everyday and people who come to us never complain, they sing our praises pretty much. finally we bought this rundown crackhouse out in alta dena that we were going to work out of till we could save money to fix it up, but we got outbid in the end and lost it. ends up our old football coach bought it. he wants to tear it down and build us a garage, with an upstairs loft as a gift! the catch is we’ll be the mechanics he uses for his cars for upkeep and making sure they’re show ready, all 33 classic corvettes! plus his 3 custom built cruisers(motorcycles)! i also just finished the first draft for the company logo we’ll be using. for three years me and my buddy have been struggling to get this buisness off the ground and it’s finally happening! words can’t describe how amazing i feel right now!


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Secret Bookcase Room, Ireland
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when i get my own house, soooo making one of these!


Secret Bookcase Room, Ireland

photo via cicobooks

when i get my own house, soooo making one of these!

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Riddler : By Syxth

Omg! my favorite villan of all time! The Riddler!

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can’t say it any better.

can’t say it any better.

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haha, too true.

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I say the most flirty things when I’m just talking to my friends


But when it comes time for me to actually flirt I’m just like

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Cute Nate!

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